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Questions to ask to find the best car rental deals in Dubai

Questions to ask to find the best car rental deals in Dubai


So you think you’ve found the best rent-a-car deal in Dubai? Think again, great deals are cracked – not found. Never go by the per day / month price alone. To be sure you’ve got the best car rental deal, you need to ask the right questions and, of course, get favourable answers.

You’ll get these answers best from the staff at the rental car company’s shop. Consider them to be your ultimate source (and OneClickDrive.com) to finding you the best car hire deals in Dubai.


1. What type of insurance is inclusive of the car rental price?

Best form of insurance for rental car is full-coverage insurance but seldom can you find a company in Dubai offering that for its cars (see here). CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) insurance will do as it’s a good safety net.


2. Is the mileage limited or unlimited in the rental price?

Unlimited mileage is, of course, what you want so you can drive around miles over miles without a worry at the back of your mind.


3. How much are the Salik (toll) charges in Dubai and the rest of the UAE?

The average Salik charges in Dubai are AED 5 per Salik. Incase, you frequent a set of tolls during your daily commute / route, try convincing the rental car company to discount certain tolls when it reaches an agreeable figure.


Convenience and feature-related questions are important for some more than others. If you’re one from the prior set, try to negotiate well on the below as well:

4. What are the charges for pick-up and drop-off service?

Free is what you want always (don’t you?) but delivery and pick-up is free if the rental company is profiting enough from you in the transaction overall. If so, check if you can drop the car at a branch different from where it was picked up that might be easier for you at the end of the rental period.


5. Does the car come with a music player?

Every car in Dubai comes with an FM Player installed. The multitude of FM channels here have interesting programs on air and available in several different languages: English, Arabic, Malyalam, Hindi, Russian, Filipino and motr. So if playing your own music isn’t required, turn on the Radio and find your preferred channel.


6. Is the car equipped with power windows and central door locks?

It’s rare to find cars without these two features unless you’ve rented an antique or an old model of the car you asked for.


7. Does the car have cruise control feature?

Helps greatly if you commute by a highway. Reach a little below the speed limit and freeze on it for a long enough stretch.


8. Is there are a USB charging port in the car?

It’s probably in it somewhere, you just need to find. Check the music player, cigarette lighter and even inside the glovebox. If not, you can request the car rental company to make it available or just pick up a USB car charger from any convenient store at a gas station.


This last one isn’t one to crack a good deal. But don’t forget to ask this if you haven’t been informed already:


9. Who do I contact for assistance and in times of emergencies?

The car rental company might not be available beyond their work hours so save the RTA Helpline number as a contact in your mobile. Every company usual provides a car rental kit in the car that has all the essential information the renter might need.


You might not get it right the first time but once you’ve figured out the intricacies of the car rental industry in Dubai first hand, the next time you will be set to ask the best questions and finding a great deal wouldn’t be much of a challenge soon after. We at OneClickDrive are always available as a gateway to renting cars in Dubai and wish you good luck.


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  1. Hannah Carter

    It’s a perfect guide and not only for people who are renting cars in Dubai, but anywhere in the world. I am planning my road trip of Ibiza and surely I am going to ask them all these questions, before finalizing my road trip.

  2. david


  3. Saad Bin Abdul Aleem

    nice blog i have rented a car but don’t really know what to ask them about now i am preety much clear these all are the most important questions we should ask from renting company.

  4. Saad Bin Abdul Aleem

    with my past experience i rented a car from future rentals. they are good enough with their services and replacement policy but i was not clear about the CDW insurance which i will ask them next time. Thank you

  5. Saad Bin Abdul Aleem

    If you need cheap car rentals you must try future-uae they are the best at their service.

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