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Warning Signs Your Car’s Battery is Dying | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Warning Signs Your Car’s Battery is Dying | OneClickDrive Car Rental

Owning a car is more of a necessity today. Yet, it requires routine check-ups when it comes to maintaining and ensuring it operates correctly. Major issues are frequently brought on by its battery. Continue reading to find out the indications.

Signs That Your Car’s Battery is Going to Die

Having a car is more of a necessity these days. However, when it comes to the responsibility of maintaining and ensuring that all parts work well. That means a continuous check on signs if there is any fault present or waiting for spring.

If you باستئجار سيارة في الشارقة., Dubai, or any other emirate through OneClickDrive, you get 24×7 roadside assistance from our suppliers. Often, the car battery can be a big trouble. Thankfully, your car’s battery would not give up suddenly. There are some signs that would give you an idea that there seems to be something wrong. Here are some signs that would tell you that your car’s battery is faulty.

When you Turn the Ignition, The Car Does Not Start

This is the first and most crucial sign. You enter your car keys into the ignition and turn it, but the car does not start. When the car battery is dysfunctional, you will notice that the power is not reaching the ignition key. That is why the car does not respond to any efforts you make.

Check Engine Sign Present on Dashboard

There is a “Check Engine” sign that is present on the Dashboard. If your car battery is not working, this sign will not function either. When you take the car for a check-up, the mechanic will mention the problem as a drained battery. The “Check Engine” sign is a common problem a car battery could face.

Problems Faced While Turning on the Radio and The Headlights

Maybe you are trying to turn on the radio, and there is no response. Or the headlights are not working or are dimmer than normal. Either of these situations means there is a problem with the car’s battery. In most cases, it is the corroded wiring in the battery that is causing this situation. The moment you see any of these signs, you should get your battery checked.

Change in Shape of the Battery Case

If you are living in a hot area like Dubai, you might face problems with the battery case. The high temperature could cause the case to swell or show signs of cracking. There is also a possibility of the battery acid leaking out. This in itself is quite a dangerous situation. So if you notice that your car battery has changed its shape from rectangular to oval, do not ignore it. Any mechanic could identify the problem as a battery issue and also mention methods to rectify it.


This is one sign that no one could miss. When your car’s battery fails, there will be sparks that cause fuel to accumulate in cylinders. When this fuel is ignited, it will cause the car to backfire. But backfiring could also happen for other reasons, which only a mechanic can tell.

Summing Up

A failing battery does not mean the end of the world. You can contact a mechanic. We offer emergency assistance for people who avail of our Luxury car rental packages in Dubai. Our expert will also advise you on how to take care of the car battery and if a replacement is required. Taking care of the battery means you might not have to face any significant maintenance issues with your car. It may be a major investment, but it would keep your other expenses under control.

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