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TowMyDrive: An easy fix for Car Breakdowns in Dubai
Dubai's map showcasing availability of tow truck services

TowMyDrive: An easy fix for Car Breakdowns in Dubai


“Ride-sharing services like Uber and Careem have revolutionized the way many people get around these days, by using an app to go somewhere.

Now, a new app called TowMyDrive applies the same principle for people who need a tow truck or roadside assistance.


tow my drive creative - breakdowns painful


“You can download the free app for either Android or iPhone, and then help is just a tap away,” said Khurram Sheikh, the founder and CEO of TowMyDrive from Dubai.


When you find yourself with a dead battery, a flat tire or anything else requiring roadside assistance, you click on an icon(Get Help) within the TowMyDrive app for the service. TowMyDrive App figures out where you are, and more importantly, how close a tow truck or any other roadside assistance team is.


There are no monthly or yearly fees, which appeals to many drivers these days, particularly younger ones.


“Even if I’m paying AED150 or AED250 per year, if I only use it every four years for example, I’ve paid up to AED600 for one tire change,” said TowMyDrive’s Khurram Sheikh, comparing traditional roadside assistance with membership fees to the TowMyDrive service.


TowMyDrive is available online . And if you really like to go old-school, you can also call us on the phone.


But using the app is the real simplicity of the TowMyDrive system. The tow trucks respond via the app as well.


“When a call comes in, we get a ‘TowMyDrive,’ and we can respond quickly as to whether we can accept the call,” said Abrar, Tow Truck Driver from Dubai,


need a tow? starting aed 150 in Dubai


It works almost exactly like Uber or Careem.


Getting help when you have car problems has evolved over the years. Hoping someone came by while you were stranded gave way to those roadside call boxes in the 1960s. Then when cellular phones came along, stranded drivers could call AAA or their insurances if their car is new on their phones without leaving the safety of their cars.


Now, a no-strings, pay-as-you-use-it service is the latest way to summon a tow truck when you need it.”


Incase your car does need a visit to the garage while you need to get to that important business meeting, log onto OneClickDrive.com and rent a car instantly through the nearest car rental company offering the best replacement wheels for you.


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