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Rent a Car like a Pro with these Tips

Rent a Car like a Pro with these Tips

When you are considering car rentals in Dubai, there are a lot of things that you need to be aware of before renting a car. Well, it is always better to have some guidelines that you can follow to rent a car without any hassle. So, we are listing down some of the most important rent a car tips in Dubai that will help you to go for car rental like a pro:

Check whether all car documents are in order:
Before renting a car, you must ask the car rental company to review all the documents of the car you are hiring. See whether the registration, insurance and all the other necessary documents are there then only sign the rental agreement. This will help you to avoid any unnecessary trouble or fines on the road.

Take pictures of your car while returning it:
The policy of returning a rented car in Dubai is that you leave the keys with your rental service and they inspect the car once you leave. However, it is always wise to take pictures of the car while returning it just to be safe. It allows you to have proof of the condition you are returning the car. Thus, it further prevents you from falsely being accused of any damage to the rented car.

Pay security deposits using a credit card:
While the car rentals in Dubai accept both credit card and cash for security deposits, it is always wise to pay it using your credit card. When you pay your security deposit using the credit card, the sum gets automatically returned once you return the rented car. However, the companies promise to wire transfer the security deposit to your bank account within two months from returning the rented car when you make a cash payment for a security deposit. But the scams regarding returning the cash deposit is not unheard of. So, paying with your credit card is wiser.

Be sure of fuel policy:
There are some car rental companies in Dubai that offer you the full fuel policy. It means they provide you with a car with a tank full of fuel. However, it is important to return the car with a full tank too to avoid any fines. But it is important that you check whether the company is actually giving a car with a tank full of fuel to prevent yourself from being scammed.

Keep the mileage in mind:
While travelling on the scenic roads of Dubai, you must always keep the mileage that the car offers. In case, you opted for unlimited mileage with your rented car, then you will not be fined. Know your mileage cap given to you in order to avoid paying extra charges.

Rent the car from a reputed company:
When you are renting a car in Dubai, it is always best to rent it from a reputed company. With a reputed rental car service, you can be sure about extraordinary service apart from the excellent condition of the cars. No hidden charges will bother you and the companies even provide quick customer service in case of emergencies.

These are some pro tips that you need to follow when renting luxury cars or affordable cars in Dubai. Follow the above tips and you will be able to explore the city in rented car services without trouble.

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