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15 Great Car Accessories For The Best Driving Experience

15 Great Car Accessories For The Best Driving Experience

15 Great Car Accessories For The Best Driving Experience

 So you’ve rented a car through us. You’re welcome!

A rental car is as good as your very own car. At least for the time you plan to keep it. Though you can’t really ‘pimp it’ (modify) as you can your own, you can definitely make it unique by adding some of your own great car accessories  on the inside. Spice up your drive and just make your car a nicer place to be in.

These fancy utilities will make your life much easier while you’re in the vehicle. So below are some great car accessories you should most definitely look into investing in, if you want to change up the look of your car without making any permanent changes.


  1. Phone Mount



A phone mount is another essential item for your vehicle. With our whole lives being dependent on technology, it’s quite hard not to check your phone or answer a call while on a road trip. Or even just to navigate by Google / Waze maps without it causing a distraction.

Hence, a phone mount will allow you to see your phone right in front of you without distracting you or obstructing your field of view. This is a great purchase, and will help you stay safer when driving. There are quite a few out there to choose from. We much like the magnetic phone mount. It’s seamless to use single-handedly especially while driving. Take your phone off and stick it back on in an instant. It fits pretty much every type of AC vent.


  1. Portable Vacuum Cleaner

The interior of any car is prone to getting very dirty over time. With crumbs of food, dust, and many other bits that can very easily accumulate over time and make the interior look filthy, it’s not exactly the nicest place to be in after a while. A stop at the car wash centres does the job but the time it takes to clean is a lot especially if it’s busy.

Thus, to make your life easier, a portable vacuum cleaner which you can keep in the boot of your car will be a lifesaver. Clean your car quickly, and just get rid of any dust, hair and food particles that may be in the vehicle. These can be found anywhere on the internet, and will really make your car much cleaner and nicer to be in. And this particular cleaner has great power, a hepa filter, and durable materials, making it a great choice for your portable vacuum cleaner.

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  1. Window Sunshade

A sunshade you can stick to your window is a great temporary option if you can’t tint the vehicle you’re currently driving. These sunshades will keep your passengers from being hit by the scorching sun during the summer. It also helps keep the blinding rays out of your eyes from the side windows of the car.

It’s a great purchase, and will definitely make your life easier. What’s more, you can take it off and put it aside for clear visibility during the night.


  1. Sunshade for Windscreen

Another essential is a sunshade for your dashboard, when you park the car in an open space. Everyone knows that the summer can be difficult for people who drive frequently. After leaving your car parked outside, the interior can be absolutely dreadful, with many parts being too hot to even touch. I know I speak for lots of people who have accidentally touched the seatbelt buckle and been hit with excruciating pain. These sunshades will keep your interior somewhat cooler, and it can make your car more livable when you first enter it during the summer months. This particular shade even protects your car from immense heat and UV rays, covering the entirety of the windscreen, making it a great purchase for the summer months.


  1. Mini Tire Inflator

It’s not uncommon to have issues with tire pressure, and sometimes, these can pose a hazard to you and others on the road, as you can encounter issues with traction or you run a higher risk of puncturing a tire if your tire pressure is not flat. It can also impact your fuel economy, acceleration, braking, and other important aspects of driving that impact safety. This pump is perfect for travelling, as it’s compact, easy to use, and gives you a reading of your tire pressure for whenever you need.

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  1. Portable First Aid Kit

A first aid kit is very important. On a road trip, you may encounter injuries if you go out and participate in outdoor activities such as hikes or rock climbing. If you get cut or hurt, it’s always good to keep a first aid kit, especially if you’re on a road trip in the mountains with no immediate access to a clinic or hospital, it’s always beneficial to have one handy in case of emergency. Like any other standard first aid kit, the kit offered below provides you all the essentials in a compact case.


  1. Heads Up Display



A heads up display is great, and some companies have even started providing them in the car. The heads up display will make your life much easier, as you can see your speed right in front of you on the dash, instead of having to look down at the speedo to check, so you can just lift your foot off the accelerator if you find yourself going over the speed limit. This too, will make your life much easier and will allow you to have a stress free drive and avoid potential fines.


  1. Seat Cover

Temporary seat covers are great if you have pets or children, or if you’re coming back from somewhere like the beach and you don’t want to get your car all wet and sandy. These will keep your seats clean, and allow you to enter the car from such a place without doing any damage. Furthermore, it will ensure that your car stays clean even if you have little kids or pets, who tend to make a mess in such places.


  1. Inflatable Mattress

An inflatable mattress is great for when you’re camping, but still want to be comfortable. You can lay this down in the back of your boot, and make yourself a bed in the middle of the desert. This is a great alternative to a tent, as you get to be in the comfort of a bed, in your own car, without having to go through the trouble of setting up a tent and getting your sleeping bag. It’s a very nice twist on camping.


  1. USB Charging Device

This should come as no surprise. A handy USB charger to plug into the cigarette lighter will make your life much easier, as you can charge your phone on the go without having to bring an adapter or anything. This is as simple as it gets and you should have one in your car at all times, because this is definitely one of the accessories you will use the most.


  1. Backseat Organizer

A backseat organizer will do wonders for you when in your car. It will ensure that your items are all placed neatly, and if you have others travelling with you, it will increase storage space for items like chargers, drinks, toys, gadgets, books, and many more. This is definitely a great tool for long distance trips.


  1. Boot Liner for your Vehicle


A boot liner for the vehicle will keep your boot space tidy, as you may frequently throw items in there, which can cause damage to the lining, or if you have a pet such as a dog, that may cause the boot lining to get damaged as well. This liner will keep your boot in mint condition despite whatever you throw at it, promoting longevity of the interior of the vehicle.


  1. In-Car coffee maker


When you’re in a rush for work, sometimes, you don’t have time for your morning coffee. This device allows you to have your coffee heated on the go in the car, providing you with your first coffee run for the day, without having to spend any time making it at home. Definitely a great purchase for anyone with a busy lifestyle.


  1. Bluetooth Receiver

Bluetooth isn’t available in all cars. Especially economy cars, or older models, which don’t feature bluetooth calling or bluetooth audio. This is a dealbreaker for many, but, with a simple bluetooth receiver which you plug into the cigarette lighter of the car, you can connect to bluetooth via an FM radio station. These devices usually come with USB cables attached, so you don’t have to worry about not having an outlet for a charger as well. They will allow you to call and play music through your phone, despite your car not having a bluetooth system.


  1. Portable Rubbish Bin


If you’re in your car for many hours in a day, you’ll notice that it can get quite messy if you don’t have a place to put your trash, such as food wrappers. This is where a rubbish bin for your car will come in handy. Just place it in the door sills, and you have a place to throw your rubbish. This will keep the car clean, and also prevent any smell from leftover food that you want to dispose of, from spreading throughout the car. This item will most definitely help you keep your car a much cleaner place, which will in turn, make it a much nicer place to be throughout the day.


The functionality and usability of a car is vital for an exquisite experience. It’s perhaps the main factor why Kia, BMW, Range Rover, among others, are most in-demand cars. Nonetheless, given the flexibility that rental cars offer, you can always upgrade your car with ease without making any large purchases or permanent changes.



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