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9 Things You Should Know About Renting A Car In Dubai

9 Things You Should Know About Renting A Car In Dubai

Renting a car in Dubai might be one of the best ideas that you come up with to make the best of your trip. With the exceptional road network and top quality highways, your own rented car will be a complete treat to drive around the city. Although, you should be aware of certain things before you go to rent a car from a rental agency in Dubai.

  •  Age Limit: In order to drive a car in Dubai, the minimum age limit is 18 years old. Although, you should hold your horses if you are going for a rental. You need to be at least 21 years old in order to be eligible to rent a car. Some car rental companies even require the renter to be 23 years or older in order to rent their high-end cars. This is due to the insurance policy and value of the car. 
  • Security Deposit: Every car rental service across Dubai will require you to deposit a certain amount in lieu of the car that you are renting. This is to ensure a common trust on both sides. The security deposit is a safety measure in case of any accidents, or damages. Very few rentals will be willing for cash, therefore, you should be ready with your credit card or debit card to put down the security deposit amount. In fact credit card pre-authorization block is most recommended as your bank can shield you from unlawful charges incase of a conflict. 
  • Documents Required: In order to carry out the whole process smoothly, you will need to carry a number of documents with yourself. The driver’s license is an absolute must of course. Along with that, you will also require some type of photo identity proof, like passport copy, or visa page copy and the Emirates ID proof. 
  • License: You need to be well aware of the type of license you need to carry unless you are going for a chauffeur along with your rented car. For the residents of UAE, you will need a UAE driving license provided you are currently holding a valid Emirates ID and UAE Visa. For tourists, Driving License from their home country along with an international driving permit may be required together with their passport and visa page with an entry stamp. Tourists from certain countries are allowed to drive with their country Driving License itself. USA, UK, certain European countries and more are among the list of countries. 
  • Car rental agreement: This is the one precious document that you must have at all times with yourself when you get your self-driving rented car. This shows the complete summary of the deal carried out between you and the car rental agency. It’s the official document that must be signed by you and will be required incase of an issue. It includes all the terms of rental, name, date and so on. 
  • Insurance Policy: It is very important to make sure not only your car has an insurance policy, but also of what kind. While most rentals will provide you with a car with an insurance policy, it is always best to make sure. With the wide variety of options available, you should only go for a car and one that comes with the maximum insurance coverage. There are a handful of additional insurance options available by the car rental company. It’s ideal to opt for CDW (collision damage waiver) insurance to avoid paying unnecessary charges. To avoid any bad experiences in the short while you are in the city. 
  • Toll Charges and Traffic Fines: You must keep in mind, while the car is in your possession, it is considered the responsibility of the driver to pay for all the salik i.e. toll charges and traffic fines incurred during the rental period. It is usually added to the final bill during the handover of the car. 
  • Driving outside the UAE: While you are very much free to drive the rented luxury car anywhere all around Dubai and across the UAE to the outskirts. However, taking the car outside the geographical borders of the country is illegal. You will need a special allowance and a permit issued by the car rental company well in advance in order to be permitted to take your car beyond the borders. The insurance policy may also need to be updated for international coverage. OneClickDrive.com hosts a selection of car rental partners which offers cars to be self-driven from Dubai to Oman. 
  • Vehicle Status: It is always suggested to check the condition of the car personally before you sign the contract for the rented car. However, you can always request the most recent pictures of the rental car.

Getting your rented car in Dubai will not only save you a lot of time lost otherwise in a public mode of transportation, but it will also save you a lot of money in the long run. Besides, your own luxury car rental gives you full freedom to travel anywhere at any time of the day you like.

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