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The 5 most popular SUVs in the UAE, especially Dubai

The 5 most popular SUVs in the UAE, especially Dubai

Luxury cars and sports cars are plenty in Dubai. It’s an important market, primary as well as secondary, for every world-class automotive company too. End users include those car owners, corporates, limousine companies as well as car rental companies.

There is a wide choice to pick from. One can rent a Ferrari in Dubai as well as hire luxury cars with a driver in Dubai. People can choose whichever car they like.

The most in-demand auto brand in Dubai

When one has to decide to buy a new or a second-hand car, the auto brand plays a vital role. The efficiency of the car, the lifespan, the average and the maintenance play a key factor when one has to buy a car or lease it.

There are a few brands that have made a mark and are the most preferred cars in Dubai, UAE. Let’s take a look at the most sought-after brands in Dubai.

The first on the list is Toyota (Al Futtaim Motors) with its world-renowned Land Cruiser among the leaderboard. It’s definitely the most beloved SUV in the UAE. The design of this SUV is attractive and has a rugged look. It’s spacious and comfortable. The unique feature of this car is that it has a pre-collision safety system that detects pedestrians and cars. The vehicle offers multiple airbags for safety. The Toyota Land Cruiser is a 7-seater vehicle, the best option for family and friends. The vehicle, of course, comes a parking sensor and anti-braking system (ABS) and brake assist, making it a popular choice in Dubai.

Then we have Mercedes-Benz (Gargash Enterprises). The most iconic product of Mercedes-Benz is the G-Class. This brand offers a wide range of cars with some high-end features that sets it a class apart. Mercedes Benz is also known for their classy interiors and product lifespan. The sleek style, comfort and price factor make it the most exclusive of cars in Dubai.

Third on the list is Nissan (Al Rostamani Group). Since many years, Nissan is another famous brand and continues to be among the most popular Luxury cars in Dubai, UAE. The Patrol Safari and Patrol are the two most famous vehicle of Nissan. The price of these vehicles makes it in high demand. The flexibility inside this vehicle helps is increasing the storage spacious without compromising on comfort.

The vehicle is also good to go on an off-road trip. This vehicle has a 5.6 litre V8 engine, but nothing stops the vehicle from its fuel efficiency. To counter the extreme temperature here, the vehicle is designed to provide adequate cooling. The curtain vents and upper vents ensure the cool air is circulated even inside the car cutting the extreme heat outside. The car also has a Dual Zone climate control feature this helps the rear and front row passenger to control the cooling as per one’s need. These features of the car make it in the 5 most popular brands in UAE.

Taking the fourth position is Lexus (Al Futtaim Motors) with its ever-popular LX 570. This car is famous to run on soft sand. The 5.7 litre V8 with 403lb-ft of torque makes this car powerful and good for an off-road trip. The great brakes and high tech and spacious cabin make this vehicle suitable for a long road trip. The vehicle has an 8-seater capacity so is best for those who have large family members. The vehicle has eight speed automation and four-wheel drive system. These advantages keep the car in the top 5 preferred Luxury cars in Dubai, UAE.

Last we pick the Hyundai. It’s popular model: Hyundai Tucson SUV. The car has two models: engines available and the base model has a 164 horsepower. For families that pick and drop kids to school, this vehicle is the best for them. It is spacious and comfortable and is also pocket friendly.

Signing off

These are the most popular luxury cars in Dubai, UAE. A person can buy or rent cars in Dubai. These vehicles offer luxury and comfort. They are good for off road trips and have safety features to ensure the journey is safe for all the passengers.

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