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5 Money-Saving Tips on Car Rentals in Dubai, UAE

5 Money-Saving Tips on Car Rentals in Dubai, UAE


Winter is coming and for many commuters and travelers in the UAE, that means negotiating their car rental contracts, now that many are back from the refreshing Eid holiday. From loyalty programs to selecting the best pick-up location, there are a number of ways you can save money on your next  rent a car.

Follow these five money-saving tips to get a better car rental deal in the UAE.

Become a Loyal Customer

Most companies in Dubai offer discounts to their loyal customers, where members receive certain value add-ons and privileges. If you haven’t been renting a car from a particular dealer long enough and oral promises don’t work, try prepaying an additional sum to show your inclination of becoming a long-term client. Chances are that you could qualify for a loyal customer program. If however you have been renting a car from a company since 6 months or more, you could be in a position to receive discounts or free upgrades.

Zero-down on your Requirements

volkswagen rental car interior functions

Determine ahead of time what ‘extras’ you may need and consider the costs so that they fit within your budget. Items to consider:

  • Car Size: Consider the size of the car you are renting. Do you really need that SUV if it’s just you and another partner traveling?
  • Insurance: Contact your travel insurance company to verify that your policy covers rental cars; carry your insurance card with you. Also, contact your credit card company to see if using their card provides coverage. Thirdly, look at available insurance options with the car rental provider. While insurance cover might be essential, you might not need the pricey full insurance option.
  • Mileage limit: Consider the distance you’d be driving every week and opt for a small mileage package if you need to move about short distances in Dubai. However, be sure to check how much you’d be paying for the extra miles should the need arise.
  • Car Seats: If you have children traveling with you and need to rent a child-seat that averages an additional AED 30 per day, buying a child safety seat separately would save you money if you need it for more days.
  • Navigation System, MiFi, etc.: Consider additional extras that you need through a rental company comes with a cost.

Keep Your Options Open

Nissan SUVs Patrol and Xterra 4x4

Many customers are bent on renting only a particular car brand and model with their eyes shut. We’ve seen the much-in-demand a Nissan Patrol 2014 model hired for as high as double the price of a Nissan Xterra 2015. So if you’re not so model conscious, you can crack a much better deal for a car or SUV that offers similar space and features.

Skip Renting from the Airport or Hotel

Ignore the car rental kiosks at the airport terminal or your hotel. You’ll surely be able to get a much more cost-effective deal if you Google “car rental companies in Dubai” from the airport or the country you’re traveling from before reaching Dubai. Try OneClickDrive to ease your search, communicate with the car rental dealers directly and have the car delivered straight to you at the airport arrival terminal. Many hotels offer car rental service through companies they are tied up with at a premium.

Determine Rental Period Beforehand

How long would you need that rental car – oftentimes a weekly rate can provide better savings as against renting for shorter periods. Rental rates in Dubai are seasonal; higher in winter as more tourists visit the emirate and the demand for rent a cars is higher. Weekend rates are higher at such times. So try a number of combinations when selecting your rental period.


Understand the Rental Policy. Is there a penalty for cancellations? How much are the additional charges if you return the rental car late by an hour or two?

For more information, visit www.oneclickdrive.com.



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