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5 Best Van Rental Dubai Options for All Purpose

5 Best Van Rental Dubai Options for All Purpose

Minivans and van rental Dubai have become a super popular option for most people these days. Having a good ride height, and more practicality than your typical SUV or crossover with better fuel economy, more interior flexibility, and better safety features for children and infants. These vehicles not only have great practicality for passengers, but they are great for commercial purposes too.

With all that space, you can transport cargo from place to place, and carry whatever you need, making these vehicles a great choice. In the UAE, you’ll find vans of all types, like passenger minivans, to commercial vans carrying various items in their large boots, these vehicles have whatever you need. So, without further ado, here’s five of the best vans you can find for hire today.

Toyota Hiace: Get The Job Done

Hire Toyota Hiace Van Rental Dubai

The Toyota Hiace has led the market for years in the commercial vans segment. Whether it be for transporting workforce, or cargo, this vehicle continues to be one of, if not, the most reliable commercial van in the business. You get staggeringly good build quality, and great interior space, due to the long wheelbase and high roof panel of the vehicle.

All in all, if you’re looking to hire or rent a reliable commercial van for any and all purposes, then there’s nothing more durable, or solid than the Toyota Hiace. You can find the Toyota Hiace for hire on oneclickdrive.com, if you’re interested in renting or leasing this vehicle. There’s even a refrigerated Hiace available. It’s also available with leather seats for your guests

Hyundai H1: Exactly what you were looking for

Hire Hyundai H1 - Rent Hyundai Dubai - Van Car Rental Dubai Price

The Hyundai H1 is Hyundai’s largest passenger MUV (multi utility vehicle), ranging from anywhere between 3 seats (the rest being cargo space), to 12 seats. This van, despite its size, is really easy to drive, and thus, making it a great commercial or passenger vehicle. The H1 has so many different spec options, that it can either carry a lot of cargo for commercial purposes, or transport large families of up to 12 in comfort and style.

The utility, interior flexibility, and ample room for passengers and storage, make this one of the most convenient vans to lease or rent. If you’re looking to hire a vehicle that can transport your cargo, or carry a large family in comfort with space to spare, then book the Hyundai H1 van for rental. In fact, you can also book an H1 with Driver in Dubai.

Mercedes Benz V-Class: A classy way to travel together

mercedes Benz v250 van rental dubai

The Mercedes Benz V-Class is the most luxurious van you can probably find for hire today. Also known as Mercedes Benz Viano / V-250. It comes with leather seats, space for 6 passengers in the back, space for 6 regular pieces of luggage, GPS, and premium audio, there is no better way for a large group to travel than in this luxury van.

It has style, comfort, and it can be enjoyable with the rich audio quality from the premium Mercedes sound system. This is strictly a passenger van, as it is designed to take large groups and large amounts of luggage in comfort style. There is no van more comfortable than this. In fact the seats can be arranged in face-to-face format or the standard forward-facing. Be sure to ask the car rental company your preference of seat arrangement well in advance.

If you’re looking to hire a comfortable vehicle that can seat you, your family, and easily hold all your luggage, then this is the vehicle for you and you should book your Mercedes Benz V-Class van rental Dubai today. It’s especially great for airport transfers and available on hourly chauffeur service as well.

Kia Carnival: A feature-rich mammoth

kia carnival van rental dubai

The Kia Carnival is a marvellous passenger van. Being the company’s largest offered vehicle, with three rows of seats there is absolutely no shortage of space. The car comes with notable features as well, like tri-zone climate control, automatic sliding doors, electric mirrors, a sunroof, and variable intermittent windshield wipers. This vehicle also comes with sufficient safety features, with 2 front airbags, ABS, electronic brake distribution as well as an energy absorbing steering column.

The comfort, space, and in fact, power that this car delivers despite its large size, are unbeatable, especially at this price. If you’re looking for great value and unbeatable then look no further than a Kia. Rent a Kia Carnival in Dubai today!

Toyota Previa: The most dependable family van

The Toyota Previa is one of the most popular minivans you’ll see on the road today. It’s roomy, comfortable, and does everything well. Everything in the car operates as expected, and despite its resemblance to a space-shuttle, it offers a really smooth ride with surprisingly good throttle response, especially for a vehicle of this type and size. Not only this, but the vehicle is loaded with features for both the driver and the passengers, like cruise control and a great sound system.

All in all, this van is one of few which isn’t just nice to be seated in, but one that’s nice to drive. If you’re a keen driver but you need to hire a car that has a lot of space for a lot of people, then there’s no better van rental for you. If you’re looking to sit back with your family, you can even consider hiring a Toyota Previa van rental Dubai on hourly basis and even airport transfer across the UAE.

All in all, a van is the most diverse vehicle on the market today. The passenger vans are especially convenient for families that are travelling together due to their large size, which gives them ample seating and storage space, as well as their well equipped interiors which are as safe as can be. Furthermore, the commercial vans listed are some of the most solid cars you’ll find, with great reliability, durability, and all-around strength, it’s hard to beat a van when you need to transport large quantities of materials, or large groups of people. This is why they are becoming more and more popular as time passes.

Their versatility and comfort simply cannot be matched by another other class of vehicle. It’s one of the main reasons vans are considered for chauffeur service and airport transfers in the UAE. Definitely the best way to visit Dubai!

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