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3 Important Things to Know Before You Book Evening Desert Safari Dubai

3 Important Things to Know Before You Book Evening Desert Safari Dubai

If you’re planning to embark on a desert safari and looking for something magical, then an evening desert safari should be at the top of your bucket list. You can escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy the beauty of the desert. In our comprehensive blog, we will uncover everything you need to be aware of about an evening desert safari Dubai tour, including what activities you can expect, the price, and more!

What is an Evening Desert Safari?

Unlike the scorching desert heat in a morning desert safari, an evening desert safari is the perfect adventure as it’s done at cooler hours of the day. 

Activities Included in a Dubai Desert Safari Evening Tour

  1. Pick-up: Usually, your evening desert safari experience starts with a comfortable pickup from your Dubai hotel. You’ll travel in a cozy, air-conditioned car to the center of the desert.
  1. Dune Bashing: Dune bashing is a highlight of the evening desert safari. An exciting trip over the sand dunes will be provided by a trained driver. This gives you an adrenaline boost as you navigate the ups and downs of the desert environment.
  1. Sunset Views: As the sun begins to set, you’ll get to see the captivating sunset over the desert, which will make for an amazing background for your pictures and recollections.
  1. Camel Riding: Take a brief ride on a camel to learn about the customary means of transportation in the desert. It’s a fantastic method to engage with the history and culture of the desert.
  1. Sandboarding: Sandboarding is a must-try activity for the outdoorsy at heart. Sandboarding is a desert version of snowboarding that allows you to slide down the dunes.
  1. Henna Painting: Get a lovely henna tattoo on your hands or feet to fully immerse yourself in the culture. It’s a beautiful memento to bring back home.
  1. Traditional Arabic Costume: Don traditional Arabic clothing and take unique pictures that you may show off to your loved ones.
  1. Delicious Dinner: Savor a lavish buffet dinner with a selection of Arabic and foreign cuisine. Your taste buds will be pleased with the meal, which is usually made fresh on the spot.
  1. Entertainment: Without live entertainment, your evening desert safari experience is incomplete. Under the starry sky of the desert, take in enthralling acts such as belly dancing and traditional Tanoura dance.
  1. Stargazing: The absence of city lights in the desert makes for fantastic stargazing opportunities. Relax by the campfire and take in the huge expanse of stars overhead.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai Price Guide

Depending on the tour operator and experience type, the cost of an evening desert safari in Dubai can change. The price per person often falls between AED 150 and AED 350. The following variables may have an impact on the cost:

Inclusions: The total cost of a package may increase if it includes extra activities like quad biking, VIP seats, or longer dune bashing.

Duration: More activities and longer excursions may come at a higher cost than shorter ones.

Group Size: The cost of a private safari will likely be higher for a larger group.

Transportation: The cost may also vary depending on whether you select private or shared transportation.

Season: The tourist season has an impact on prices. Rates may be higher during peak seasons than during off-peak times.

To locate the ideal offer that fits your needs and budget, it’s critical to investigate several tour operators and compare costs. Remember that the price frequently covers all of the activities, dinner, and entertainment during the safari in addition to pick-up and drop-off from your accommodation.

Desert Safari Dubai Evening Tips 

Here are some useful pointers to help you get the most out of your Dubai Evening Desert Safari:

  1. Wear Proper Clothing

Dress comfortably and wear desert-appropriate closed-toe footwear. For the warm weather, loose-fitting, breathable clothing is perfect, but don’t forget to pack a lightweight jacket for the evening’s lower temperatures.

  1. Take Sun Protection Measures

Even though it will be dusk when you are in the desert, the sun can still be very intense. Wear sunglasses, apply sunscreen, and think about donning a wide-brimmed hat as protective measures. 

  1. Seize the Moments

Carry a camera or smartphone to record the breathtaking arid scenery and priceless moments throughout your trip.

  1. Adhere to the safety guidelines

Pay close attention to the safety advice given by your safari guide, particularly when engaging in sports like sandboarding and dune bashing.

  1. Bring the necessities.

Remember to pack necessities such as your ID, a cap, sunglasses, and any prescription drugs you may need.

Final Thoughts 

An exciting trip that mixes heart-pounding activities, cultural encounters, and the captivating beauty of the desert scenery is an evening desert safari in Dubai. This safari offers something for everyone, whether you’re an adventure seeker, a nature lover, or just searching for something different. You may customize your trip to fit your preferences and budget thanks to a range of rates and packages.

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